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Add chiffred works perfect! Now, we would need the same the other way around. Automatically decrypting all attached crypted files.

Would that be possible as well?

Thx heaps for this already! :-)



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hi glu again smile

i'm still encountering an encoding problem. when i crypt a mail from my outlook at work, which is using cryptoex, and send it to gmail, the firegpg can decrypt it but all german umlaute and other special chars are gone or question marks respektively.

i cannot change the encoding style on my outlook.

similar thing happens on the way back. the special chars are gone but now i get these even uglier


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yeah you rock! :-)

hey glu,

you're a legend man! when is that version gonna be released?

thx heaps man!!!!


Hi again,

sorry for repeating myself, but I think in a professional context this feature is really crucial!

Please, please add it! :-)



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Hi there,

i've just registered to emphasize that this feature is almost crucial.

I'm using GMail in a professional / industrial context and have to send a lot of documents and stuff through this.

Crypting all files with GnuPG for Windows is a pain in the a....!

Would be really lovely if i could crypt my documents together with the body of the email.

Thx for great work anyways!