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Hi, I'm running 0.7.10 and am getting:

checkDock/message chrome://firegpg/content/Webmails/Gmail/cgmail2.js 594 boutonboxs[j].getAttribute("class") is null

I'll try and pinpoint on what event this happens.

Hi, running the latest version of FireGPG (0.7.10), FF 3.5.3 (on Mac):

Whenever I click on "Signed Mail..." or "Decrypted Mail..." at the bottom of a gpg email, it pops up a window with the signature status and when I click "OK", it triggers a Reply in GMail.

Anyway, not a big deal (no loss of functionality, etc.) but I figured the triggering of a Reply was not intended.

best and thanks for your work! -Joe

woo! You're the man (not sure if that translates well).


heya, I post my armored key in addition to putting it on a keyserver... I also sign the posted key just for fun (it's not useful for extracting the key).  But FireGPG says the sig is invalid... check out:


FireGPG says it's invalid but if you download it and do a 'gpg --verify' it's valid. best, Joe

There is no "valid signature" when I sign+encrypt.

That is, if I 1) sign+encrypt and send; 2) open the message and decrypt, this is what I see:


and the 2nd checkbox in FireGPG options for me is "Display FireGPG's website address in GnuPG comment field", which doesn't seem to be related to signature validation information.

thanks for your work! best, Joe

(using firegpg 0.7.9 on FF 3.5.2 on a Mac 10.5.8)

When I decrypt a sign+encrypt email, it doesn't show me information about the validity of the signature, time of signature, etc. like it does when it verifies a signature without encryption.  It would be nice if the same information about signatures were shown regardless of encryption state. best, Joe

PS: although the long, linked text displayed with a valid signature to the right of "Forward" is probably too long (especially if the longer version is available by clicking it).  I'd suggest changing this (note the "<br>" after the second-to-last close parenthesis):

Signed mail (This message has been signed with the valid key ID Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall@gmail.com> (made on Mon Sep 28 07:24:01 2009)


Signed mail (valid key ID Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall@gmail.com> (Mon Sep 28 07:24:01 2009))

or even:

Valid signature (Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall@gmail.com> (Mon Sep 28 07:24:01 2009))


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Dropping support for OS X is pretty disappointing.  Especially for those of us who have supported you guys in the past.

Glu, that username guy is a hater... thanks for working on this at all.  English is overrated anyway. smile


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The performance issues are still a problem with the new Gmail and FireGPG... I still get the beachball for a few seconds when I click on a conversation.  What would really be cool would be if there was a status-bar toggle of some sort to turn FireGPG off for a bit if I know I will not need it for a while.  This may not be doable without closing and reopening Firefox, no? best,  Joe


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Hi, great that you are now reporting timestamps in clear-signed  emails... what about when something is encrypted and signed?  Would be nice to get timestamps there too. best,  Joe

You can encrypt a file using gpg from the command line, and you should be familiar with being able to do this.  To encrypt from the command line with GPG:

1. Open a terminal or xterm or something with a command line.
2. type 'gpg --version' to check that you can find gpg (if the gpg command isn't found, you'll need to add gpg to your PATH)
3. change directories from the command line to where your attachment resides.
4. Type 'gpg -es filename' (the -e flag means "encrypt" and the -s flag means "sign").
5. It will ask you for a recipient to encrypt for and then for your passphrase to sign.
6. It should encrypt and sign and then add ".gpg" to the end of the file.

best, Joe

I'm seeing a bug of some sort.  This bug only happens with FireGPG enabled (and is completely resolved if I disable FireGPG).

Symptom: Every few seconds FireFox "stalls" -- that is, is completely unresponsive -- for about 1-2 seconds.

This can be especially annoying while typing because you can no longer see what you're typing (although it all magically and quickly appears after the stall is over).  However, it doesn't just happen while I'm typing... but doing anything in FireFox (scrolling, using other extensions, etc.). 

The length of the "stalling" seem to get longer the longer I have FireFox open with FireGPG enabled.

FireGPG version:
FireFox version:


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Hi, one unfun part of working with people that use Enigmail when I'm using FireGPG is that they encrypt the message text and attachments together with MIME boundaries.  So, in order to decrypt and view what they sent, I have to save the original message, decrypt the message, separate the MIME pieces out and then do a "base64 -d --ignore-garbage < temp.txt > file.jpg" for each attachment.

So, it would be great if FireGPG could handle some of this.  Say, save, decrypt, separate out MIME pieces and then do base64 decoding.

Of course, I understand this won't be a priority... just would be nice.  BTW, this is definitely my favorit firefox extension and you guys are badasses for writing it.

best, Joe


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Hi, it would be great if signature verifications would report the timestamp (or just date) of when the signature was made. best, Joe