If you mean the "Always encrypt to myself" checkbox in the General tab of the options, then no.  That is off.  I tried turning it on and I get the same kind of error either way.

By the way, kevdog is not the only person having this problem. A friend of mine and I are trying to test this software, and it's doing it for both of us. Same as explained before: I can sign, I can encrypt, but if I use the sign & encrypt button, I get the following error and then it ERASES THE BODY OF MY EMAIL:

Incorrect password.[GNUPG:]USERID_HINT DFDCACF6BF495A65 <my name and email omitted>
[GNUPG:] INV_RECP 10 595E7BF08F254E49

I may have typo'd some of the hex.

As kevdog said, this is ALL we can provide. It says NOTHING else. Just pops that up and then erases the body of the email.