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Sorry, I just left work, and since this problem only happens on my work computer (but not at home on my *nix computers) it certainly sounds like they are blocking a port.

Since I enjoy your program, I am happy to spend some time working out the details of this problem if you would like me to.  If you are just doing this to help me I am sure I could find a work-around by tunneling my encrypted emails through my home network.

So. let me know if you care about this issue...  OR, if I don't hear back from you and get bored, I'll give it a try next week anyways!

Again, thanks for all your work on this app.


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Ok this is what I get:

Deprecated property window.title used.  Please use document.title instead.

Error: FireGPG-debug: [Gmail-mime-send-oursend]Internal error while sending mail...
Source file: chrome://firegpg/content/Core/misc.js
Line: 134


ALSO, I have no problem decrypting messages.


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Sorry, here is the only message I can get:

"Deprecated property window.title used.  Please use document.title instead."

Does this help you?  Doesn't mean much to me.


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Thanks for the program, it is great.

I am attempting to send an email (XP box) but every time I go through all the actions of signing +/- encrypting an email it doesn't get sent. 
After I click on "send", I enter my password for PGP, then gmail, then at the top of the screen I get the message "firegpg is sending your email" then that message disappears but the email isn't sent (and I am not forwarded to my gmail inbox.)  The only way I can send the message is not to use firegpg.

I am certain both my passwords are correct. I'm using 0.7.5 version.

Any suggestions.

PS - anyone else out there think gmail is purposely changing their interface so this program wont work?!?!


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I would agree here, this would be REALLY nice.  I have attempted to run it with my portable firefox, but can't get firefox to complete the install. GnuPG can be portable so the problem is with FireGPG.

Other encryption apps run off portable media so it must be possible.


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This is a killer app, I love your product.  Finally email encryption is becoming more user friendly.

Your link on the "install" page (http://firegpg.tuxfamily.org/?page=install&lang=en) links to an old version of gpg4win.exe (<WinPT and GPG>) .  You  might consider simply linking to the actual site (http://www.gpg4win.org/) rather than the download to avoid this again. 

Also, since WinPT is no longer an active project you might want to start endorsing another key manager like GPA, etc.

Thanks again.

Bill Loney