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Yes! It would also be nice to provide buttons for individual FireGPG functions, instead of lumping them all together into a drop-down menu.

Also, it's hard to remove the button from the toolbar - when customizing a toolbar in OS X, you drag items on and off the toolbar. When you try to drag off the FireGPG button, it opens the FireGPG menu instead of letting you drag the button.


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* Possibly reduce number of buttons? When you add sign+crypt functionality, you're going to have Sign, Sign and Send, Crypt, Crypt and Send, Sign+Crypt, Sign+Crypt and Send. Some people sign or encrypt almost every message they send, and for them, it's nice to have "and Send" buttons; however, it would be nice to be able to tell FireGPG to leave them out.
* If no text is selected, guess what the user wants to encrypt. For example, if there were no lines beginning with ">", it would encrypt the whole message. If previous messages were quoted, it would encrypt the first non-quoted block. Perhaps for some cases you would ask for confirmation: some people reply to messages line-by-line, resulting in a message with alternating quoted and non-quoted blocks. For this, you could do something like select the text from the first non-quoted line to the last non-quoted line, and ask the user to confirm this is what they wanted signed/encrypted.
* Why does the whole message end up selected when I only encrypt part of it?

The above were intended as constructive criticism. I don't mean to complain at all - the Gmail integration really is quite nice, and these are just minor points.


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I would love to see this feature, but please make the interface for selecting recipients as simple and uncluttered as possible. If I only want to send a message to one person, the process should be no more complicated than it is now: click to encrypt, click a name, click OK.