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Do you mean your planning to verify OpenPGP/MIME or it should work currently? In my experience, it doesn't work.

Just use something like kmail to send encrypted messages. If you google around, you can setup your mail client to use GMail's SMTP servers easily. Then messages you send still show up in your 'sent mail'.

Signatures are generally attachments. Sometimes under 'noname', sometimes signature.asc. Despite this, FireGPG always says "No signature found in this mail!"

I can use FireGPG to decrypt messages, but really verifying is probably more useful.

I have plenty of messages that I could forward to demonstrate this.


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It might be an OK idea to show the ID, but creaturex is wrong to say that it could be spoofed. The way GPG works is that you have to import public keys into your keyring. It relies on you only importing keys that you trust, showing the ID doesn't help at all in this.