Here is the key Im trying to use:
pub   4096R/7EBCE6DE 2007-11-14
uid                  Kevin Hilton (Kevdog) <>
sub   4096g/698F7669 2007-11-14

How would you like me to be more accurate?  I would provide any debugging output if I could produce any.  Again, I can sign and encrypt only if I do it in stages -> Push the sign button, then the encrypt button.  The message gets erased and I get the error message about the incorrect password if I push the sign and encrypt button.  That is about all I can tell you.  Is there anything you want me to add to the source code (svn) so a popup box will appear and I can be more specific?

Im not really a develop, how do see what Firefox is returning for the temp file?  What function is it, or would I find this value in about::config

In your program do you find the temp folder from the environmental variables??

Would it be possible to override the environmental variable by setting it on the command line or passing it as a parameter?

I noticed when using the gpg attach encrypted file option, that files from the temporary directory are the ones actually being attached. 

Can an interface be added or specified somewhere either in the gpg.conf file or within firegpg the location of the temporary directory??

Again my ultimate goal is to leave no traces behind after using gpg  -- no temp files, no passwords either in a temporary file or cached to RAM.

Just to add,

If you try to sign and encrypt, and enter the password, it states password is incorrect, and then totally erases the contents of the letter.  Everything is erased and lost.


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Anyone?? Please??


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Yes your suggestion about multiple keys -- and allowing the user to select which public key to use -- is a good idea.  Remember however all the public keys are kept inside the gpg keyring -- firegpg does not store them or keep them. 

If you are at the command line and you type:
gpg --list-keys

You can see the public keys kept by gpg on your keyring.  gpg --list-secret-keys will list your private keys.  Perhaps you should repost your idea as a new suggestion or request.  The authors are pretty good about trying to work in requests inside future requests.


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I believe attachments have to use gpg/mime where as the letter does not -- so the encryption process for the two are different.  For each address its theoretically possible to have more than one public key, so automatic key selection may pick the incorrect key.  As far as storing the public keys in the Gmail Contacts -- that would be a nice feature -- however google would have to implement that -- and this is unlikely to happen.  Less than 1% of people using email use some form of encryption/signing.


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The public key list comes from the gpg keyring.  I suspect that inside firegpg, you will need to manually set the path to your gpg executable.  FireGPG is only a frontend to gpg.


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Maybe Ill just ask my question more distinctly -- Does anyone know how to use portable firefox with gpg2go from a usb drive?


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Im trying to run portable firefox, along with the installed firegpg extension all from a USB stick.

#1 - GPG executable -- I need to add this onto by USB stick so firegpg can call this program.  Couple of issues with this.  I dont know what the driver letter of the USB stick will be --  when specifying the path to the gpg executable, can I put something in the path like %~d0.
Im not sure this will work.

In order to use gpg from a usb stick I think I need to do the following (if Im going to use gpg2go which supplies gpg.exe as the executable -- gpg.exe for windows expects an enviroment variable GNUPGHOME to be set prior to use).
1. Discover the driver letter of the USB Stick
2. SET the GNUPGHOME environment path
3. Pass the arguments of the letter composed to the gpg executable and return the encrypted/signed output.

So basically when calling gpg from within firefox how would this work???  Can firegpg discover what drive letter it is running from on windows??

Here is kind of what I have come up with so far

@echo off

gpg.exe %1

I would call GPG_SAMPLE.bat with the contents of the letter???

Can anyone understand what I want to do??
Can you help me?

With any message I can sign it, I can encrypt it, but when I use the sign and crypt button and type my password (same thing I did with signing the message), I get the following:

Incorrect password.[GNUPG:] GOOD_PASSPHRASE
[GNUPG:]INV_RECP 10 D355F52180656AF7

Not sure why it states Good Passphrase and then it states incorrect password.


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Why do you need a dynamically generated signature?? If the recipient doesnt have your gpg public signature key installed prior to receiving the mail, how can they verify the integrity of the signature?


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How about encrypted and signed attachments??  By verifying the signature of the attachment I can verify it was not altered during transit to the recipient

Just a question.  When something fails on the decryption, encryption, etc. why doesnt firegpg just display the error message that gpg states at the command line.  For example, I tried to decrypt an email that I didnt have the private key.  At the command line I get:

gpg: WARNING: using insecure memory!
gpg: please see for more information
gpg: encrypted with 4096-bit ELG-E key, ID 698F7669, created 2007-11-14
gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available

The command line tells me the secret key is not available.

However when I try the same process in Firegpg, I get a popup box that states:
Decrypting Failed.  Unknown error

The Error is known however.  Cant you just parse the output given from gpg on the command line?


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I dont think its anyone's fault -- I really happy you guys are working on the project.  And look at the upside -- I learned yet another French word "chiffre".  Anyone know how to type an accented e on a US layout keyboard???


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Dont mean to be a jerk, but what does chiffred mean??  Does this mean encrypted, encrypted/signed, or something else.  Im guessing it means encrypted.


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Thanks I got the email --  But not any sense of appreciation that I discovered and documented this all by myself smile

Not a problem -- just an annoyance.  Just wanted to let you guys about it, since I would think it would be a very daunting task to check the program on multiple platforms.

Firegpg 0.4.4, Cygwin for gpg executable, key management, Windows Vista

I select some text, choose crypt.  A list of public keys is displayed, however at the bottom of the list is the following:

Name             ID                Created       Expired
Undefined     In Array         Undefined      Undefined

When I do a gpg --list-keys, I get only the public keys available, not an Undefined Statement.

Is this a bug??


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Can you email my instructions back??



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Can you post my instructions back or send them to me???  I love working with svn versions -- although unstable it gives me a window into what the developers are working towards -- new cutting edge features.  If you dont want people to use the svn, then dont post a link to the svn source on the download page.  If the link is there, then people should be able to download and install it.


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Just wanted to pass along some info how to use the Firegpg extension from svn sources and install on Windows Vista.

My system:

Windows Vista
Cygwin (my gpg executable) -- This is an alternative to WinPT
Firegpg SVN

Im using the bash shell for the following commands:

[Removed because it's realy not recommanded]

Everything worked at this point.  These instructions could be easily modified in your are using WinPT for your gpg executable rather than cygwin.  If anyone needs help with this process please let me know.  I think however maybe needed in part to use the svn executable to download the svn sources.  If there is a stand-alone svn executable for windows, specifically vista, please let me know and I can add these to the instructions.

Possible someone can help me.  My brother is using winpt with firegpg on a windows box sending them to my gmail account.  Ive tried copying and saving the sent letter to a file and then decrypting it manually at the command line however always get an error.  I finally asked him to write the letter in notepad, encrypt in manually with WinPt (not through the firegpg interface) and then send it to me.  This method worked successfully.

So my question is:

Is there some flags or something else that needs to be specirfied on the command line, for firegpg to work successfully with winpt?