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Just checking when the bug tracker page/link will be back and operational.



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Thanks the_glu for your efforts.  I haven't seen a new svn version of firegpg released in a long time.  I was wondering if you had stopped supporting the project?


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Yes I'm at R662 -- however I didn't restart my browser after updating -- Now that I have I no longer have the problem.  Sorry!


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sorry the_glu

I haven't been checking the forums lately -- my apologies

I currently at svn 662.

Here is my current error:
There is a problem with Gmail's integration of FireGPG. Please check the status page and/or report the following errors:

checkDock/message chrome://firegpg/content/Webmails/Gmail/cgmail2.js 589 boutonboxs[j].getAttribute("class") is null

Please note currently my test machine is on WinXP sp3 with FF 3.5.3

I'll be checking regularly to keep you informed.  Sorry about the delay.


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I'm playing with svn revision 658  but this is what I'm getting:

checkDock/message chrome://firegpg/content/Webmails/Gmail/cgmail2.js 589 boutonboxs[j].getAttribute("class") is null


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My svn version for firegpg has been broken for weeks.  Is there any fix planned soon?

Ok -- yes you were right -- no further popups?  Any other things I should be worried about? 

And just a side comment

Anything that the assistant sets up, I should somehow be able to go into the options and set it manually.  I like the assistant for first time use, however then just like to make changes manually after that smile

Ok -- here is the first popup:

getMimeMailContent [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIDOMXPathEvaluator.evaluate]"  nsresult: "0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://firegpg/content/Webmails/Gmail/cgmail2.js :: anonymous :: line 2849"  data: no]

Second Popup that appears immediately after the first
checkDock/message TypeError: text is undefined

Keep getting an annoying JS error popup after installing latest svn.  I can list contents of popup if you want, but needless to say -- its quite annoying.

How did you know that I use the svn version???? tongue

Ok -- any timeline when svn will be fixed?

Wondering my the Key Manager Dialog isn't listing any keys?  I'm betting its looking for my keyring in a different directory or file?  Do you know how I can specify the keyring directory?

I'm using cygwin on windows so my keyrings are at:

rather than in the %APPDATA% folder or somewhere else.

My gpg binary is located at:

Sorry you mentioned that before.  I won't bother you again.  By posting that list however I don't get to hear from you however.

Im using FF 3.5 on MSWin XP with FireGPG svn #567.  I have disable gmail autosave feature checked within the options, but I noticed the drafts are still being saved.  It used to work.

Also -- as far as the popup dialogue box that allows you to configure the features -- I just selected skip since I have everything set up.  Everytime however I go to the options section, I am presented with the dialogue.  Is there a check box or something that can be added to prevent this from popping up everytime


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Ok, sorry.  And just for the record you can erase this post if you want.  Thanks for the unban!


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Although this most not be the appropriate place to discuss this, Im bringing this up here since I could not email you.  I was recently banned from the forums.  The reason I do not know.  I would like to know if I can be unbanned.  The entire situation is really confusing to me.  I posted one question about the new svn repository -- and then I was banned.  Really confusing.


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I did figure this out -- but it was tricky.

You need to check out the new sources, and then within the directory containing the .svn directory (usually ../../firegpg) run the command

svn switch --relocate svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/firegpg/firegpg http://svn.getfiregpg.org/firegpg

then do a
svn up

That should do it.  Better instructions may have helped.


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I see the stealth move in switching the svn site.  Just to let you know that its not really working right now.  It keeps checking out the 566 revision -- which states OUTDATED repository.

How do I recheck out the sources??


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I kind of got used to the old forum format -- but alas I guess change is good!

Thanks for your prompt attention.

Ok I found out how to do this -- untick the option check for PGP blocks in web pages -- Just to be picky -- I like the formatting used with the text box to set it apart from the rest of the page.  Can the pgp detected data just be put into something like a div rather than a text box that scrolls?  The scrolling is annoying!

When encountering GPG signed data on a webpage, firegpg seems to want to encapsulate this data, and put up a scrolling text box that allows me to see the entire data?  How do I get rid of this text box and actually set Firegpg to display the original image as is?  (This option is always included atthe bottom of the text box, however can I make this a default behaivor)?


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Ok I stand corrected.  Sorry about the FUD


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gnupg can not be used in the way you want.  You need to use another program such as md5sums or md5deep or md5 (in linux) to calculate a some of some random file.


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Although I know you can modify the q value within the gpg source code, this would then we against the standards as set by RFC8440.


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I'm not sure you will get in any trouble, however just to stress and beat a dead horse -- why?  There is no benefit to running 2.0 unless you have some half-baked modified version.  It will not give you any increased functionality.