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the_glu wrote:

Why tried to use the enigmail functions, but there were too complicated...

But it's planned, after we have a full OpenGPG/Mime support for gmail.

So... wait smile

Great news, I'm glad you're working on this.  My fear is that the Enigmail API is complicated for a reason: security is HARD.  Period.  Good luck; your extension is very promising.

OTI wrote:

I have been relying on fireGPG for GPG functionality and using

Gmail S/MIME:
http://www.richard.jones.name/google-ha … smime.html

to disable autosave

I am not an expert on these matters, but it seems like a practical interim solution and might give the team an interesting example.

The gmail s/mime project is also looking into encrypting the autosave drafts


Very cool, thanks for the link!

Another thing for the devs: Enigmail encrypts sent messagse to you (the sender) before saving them in the Sent folder.  This means you can review sent messages, but they stay encrypted on the server or disk.  This would be a great addition as well!

I'm sorry for piling on, but the fact that drafts aren't encrypted is a huge deal.  This is a gaping hole, and greatly reduces the usefulness of your extension.  When I encrypt mail, I want to know that only me and my recipient can see it.  I don't trust Google any more than any other site.  Their interest is in making money; not necessarily in protecting my privacy.  And since a large part of their business model involves analyzing (reading) people's mail (Gmail), I'm not inclined to trust them very far.

I use Enigmail and Thunderbird currently to send encrypted mail via Gmail.  I've even set my girlfriend and some friends up this way.  They're not very savvy, technologically, and they prefer the Gmail web interface.  Your plugin is almost there!  If you encrypted drafts, you really would have hit on the holy grail.

Disabling drafts would be good.  If that doesn't work, how feasible would it be to encrypt drafts for yourself before they're auto-saved, and decrypt them when they're opened for editing?