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thanks to some peer pressure, I am finally registered at facebook now. It seems that a lot of people are very concerned about their privacy there, but continue to use the service.

I was thinking, that you could easily use GPG on facebook, if there was a way to automatically decrypt any messages that appear on a website. You could start using GPG on a website like facebook right away, if you were willing to do a lot of copying & pasting, but nobody wants to decrypt a "wall" post by post.

So I am hoping that you guys are able to implement something that would do the job. The extension should either try to decrypt every encrypted message on a web page or you could add a button next to each detected message to decrypt it (maybe both and make it an option).

I really hope that you guys are considering this, because it could be so useful.

Thanks for reading.

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It's will bw slow you computer if we look in each page if there are anythink who is crypted... It's better to simply selected the crypted texts...

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and thank you for your reply.

I really didn't expect it to be too slow and I'm quite surprised. I don't know anything about programming, but looking at filtering proxies, filtering Firefox extensions and even Greasemonkey scripts, it doesn't seem to be so hard to analyze (and alter) webpages before displaying them. Isn't all the extension would have to look out for the "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----" lines? I thought it couldn't be easier with those wonderfully distinct Begin and End lines.

I didn't consider that decrypting of several encrypted texts might take some time, especially if keys have to be searched for and downloaded first. Automatic decryption could thus be in the way every now and then. Having a button to decrypt everything on a page, that you have to click first, would do the trick though.

If I really understand you correctly and you think it is impossible to find the ascii blocks on a website, would it at least be possible to make the selection of those blocks easier? I would find it comfortable to just click somewhere between the Begin and the End line and have the extension selecting the whole block for me.

A question that is unanswered so far is, whether it would be possible to not show the decrypted text in a new window, but rather set it in place on the website.

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With bigs docuements, we have to do a lot of screachs, find the end, call Gpg, re-find... I think it's will be slow FireFox...

But decrpyt-in-place is a good idee, we will do it...

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thanks for the tool. just some weeks ago i thought about authentication methods on (public) webpages.

the "in-site" recognition would really improve the usability. if the performance suffers that much, add an extra button to check the site.

maybe this is what it could look like: