Topic: Update : 0.4.5 and

=== Version ===

Version : Work with the https version of gmail too !

FireGPG works with the new version of gmail !

Bugs :
- Fixed the 'undefined' keys
- Fixed problem with < in mail signed (gmail interface)

- Gmail 2.0 support (old version will supported for a while)
- Add warning if a text seem to be already crypted or signed.
- Added option to hide expired keys

Locales :
- Updated as usual.

Misc :
- On Unix system, try to use /usr/local/bin/gpg (for MacOs users)

* Post on our forum about this version : … hp?pid=760

Thanks you for using FireGPG !
    FireGPG's team.

Re: Update : 0.4.5 and

I still seem to have the same old problems with FireGPG and Gmail (new interface). I've just sent myself a test message signed with GPG, but when I receive it it still says the signature is not valid. Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry if this is still a known problem, but I thought from the release notes that it is fixed.


Re: Update : 0.4.5 and


Yes, there are a small bug (dues to gmail) already fixed in the SVN. update coming soon ! (Wo improve performances too)


Re: Update : 0.4.5 and

Brilliant, thanks.

Look forward to the update!