Topic: Public keys???


When I try to send a email. It keeps asking me to choose a public key for the user I want to send to (I guess). Where does this list come from?
I already use Enigmail and have add a few keys there in the key manager. Does FireGPG fetch keys from this list???

How can I add more keys in FireGPG/Gmail? Is there a key manager in FireGPG?


Lars Chr.

Re: Public keys???

The public key list comes from the gpg keyring.  I suspect that inside firegpg, you will need to manually set the path to your gpg executable.  FireGPG is only a frontend to gpg.

Re: Public keys???

When you say "gpg keyring" ... what do you mean? How does FireGPG know where your keyring is unless you tell it? Does it search for a specific directory?