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    * Fixed some problems with Google Apps For Your Domain
    * Fixed a problem with color for decrypt links
    * Fixed a problem with some characters in the name field of the key (thanks to anonymous)
    * Fixed a problem with PGP block inside textareas
    * Fixed some problems with the 'Save password' feature


    * Some improvements of inline system by Ryan Patterson
    * New decryption comportment (first try without password)
    * Separated options for signature and clear signature
    * Support for symmetrical encryption
    * Improved inline system to detect PGP blocks in pages


    * Hungarian locale implemented
    * Norwegian locate added


    * XpCom disabled as it was too unstable

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I have Hungarian locale, and I get an XML error since last update when I try to open the Preferences or any Sign button pressed.

Error message is:


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Oh no, glu...
my old problem is back. In the 0.5.0 release FireGPG was finally able to detect where my GPG binary was (running on Gentoo linux). Just updated to 0.5.1 this morning and getting the same error message as before:

"Error: FireGPG is unable to access the gpg executable. Make sure GPG is installed or specify the path in the preferences."

I want to downgrade until the problem is fixed again. Can you point me to the 0.5.0.xpi ?

Oh, and the only other thing I did this morning was install PeraPera-kun Japanese translation addon for Firefox. I had the same plugin installed a while ago when FireGPG was acting up. Could someone test that the addons aren't messing with each other?


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fiboscoc wrote:

I want to downgrade until the problem is fixed again. Can you point me to the 0.5.0.xpi ?

This will be nice, because this version is unworkable for me.


Re: Update: 0.5.1 . But please, don't stay with this version, she has bugs too wink

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OK, 0.5.0 is working for me.

flu, did anything change in this version with regards to the code that finds the executable? I think this is a regression.

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I have installed 0.5.0 and it is working fine for me too.


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The 0.5 there is an xpcom. Yes it's has a better support to access to gnupg, but it's sometimes make firefox crash for some users. So you see, we have to chose between one of the two problems wink. Next release will be with a stable XpCom wink

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I'm using Google Apps and the disable autosave feature doesn't seem to work properly. When I compose a new message, it shows that autosave is disabled, but after typing for a bit, it still saves the draft. For the record, I did restart my web browser.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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As gmail change it some time, it's can be broken...

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Next release will be like the 0.5 :> problems shoulds be fixed