Topic: Major update: 0.7


    * Keylist of search working again
    * Removed toolbar in the code (but someone already see an FireGPG toolbar ? wink )
    * Fixed a problem with encrypted text signed (too much information)
    * Fixed problems with binary files attached in gmail
    * Fixed a problem when autofetching key from keyservers
    * Autosave is disabled again


    * Add information about failures when importing keys form keyserver
    * Prisme support
    * {$FXFolder} keyword for gnupg path and gnupg commands (for Fx portable)
    * Instantaneous check for Gmail
    * Openpgp/mime support
    * New gmail interface
    * Gmail inline signature check improved
    * Gmail decryption in-place for emails


    * is online !
    * Adding missing Swedish locate
    * Typo when key is missing (public and not private key)
    * New locates: ja, cs, fa


    * Install page is XHTML strict again

Re: Major update: 0.7

Very good version! Its a lot nicer looking in gmail. I only have one question: what's the "inline" option and how does it differ from "sign"?

Re: Major update: 0.7

It's not the same format for the mail. Inline sign your mail in the mail content, not inline (openpgp/mime) sign your mail with standarts, inside the mail data.