Topic: update strategy improvement - allow users to defer all updates


this idea is not specific to FireGPG, maybe other developers still do that (but I don't know of that).

I know that FireGPG is beta software yet but on the other hand the users are probably not all at the same "beta interest level". So my suggestion is this (if that is possible at all with the Firefox update mechanism): Don't let anybody download every new version immediately. Allow the users to select whether the always want the newest versions or not. Those who don't could get the new versions perhaps one week after the first testers have received it. That would allow you to fix serious bugs (like the one reported by me, haha) before the whole lot ot users is affected by them. Of course, the "second grade beta testers" would not get the same version, just later, but a fixed one (if necessary). You don't need many testers to find bugs by which most users are affected. So my combination gives you all you need as a developer. A few days later, of course, but in case of urgent problems that can be an advantage though. And above all, the "beta experience" is better. The "first grade" beta testers can feel liek being some elite, the others encounter less bugs. Everyone is happy.

Re: update strategy improvement - allow users to defer all updates


Yes, I think to something like that because it's a problem, but I'm more thinking at something like an annoucement on the forum and the blog to search some beta testers for the next release.

As I think the next release will be as the 0.7 (complicated new features (here more internal, there is already major code changes) with probably a lot of bug) I will probably find a solution before wink