Topic: Handle encrypted files from webserver

Hi, great tool the FireGPG!

This scenaria i have in mind...

All files of a website (html, css, js, mp3, swf) are encrypted on the webserver.
It's possible to decrypt the webseite on the fly, without the user is realizing it?

Can FireGPG do so?

Thank you for your help.

Re: Handle encrypted files from webserver


"On the fly", no, it's not possible, and a little bit useless. There is https for this wink

However, next version of FireGPG will be able to work on downloaded files: … iregpg.png is that what you want ?


Re: Handle encrypted files from webserver

Thank you for your reply.

you are right, in the normal client-server traffic, encryption and "on the fly" decryption make no sense.
but i have another requirement, i'm looking for solution.

the webserver is mounted in the filesystem and the location for the browser is like file:///...
here the user can copy the content from there. if the content is encrypted, the user has no fun with the files. and only by viewing with firefox, the content ist decrypted.