Topic: a few questions from a new user

Hi all

(at the third time trying).  I really like the application - Thank You!

A couple of questions

1. I have about 10 people in my small company - we want to use a single private key - I can't seem to share it properly - I've tried exporting and then importing from other machines - they only seem to get the public key.  Ideally we would put the key .gpg files on our server in a single place but I don't seem to be able to make this happen since there is no way to point to them from the interface

2. What does "Inline" do?  What does "Clearsign" do?

3. Is there anyway to do "encrypt everything in an email including attachments" without manually encrypting each attachment (especially useful for forwarded mail)

4. How do I make encrypted stuff readable by us?  I don't seem to be able to set for encryption by us as well for sent mail



Re: a few questions from a new user

1. Bad. Use gpg from command line to do it .)

2. a) Sign with data into the mail content. Bad but here for compatibility issue b) Make a signature of a text, and leave the original text readable (when 'Sign' doesn't)

3. No smile

4. Encrypt with your public key too !

Re: a few questions from a new user

thank you!

understand what you mean about bad - but very difficult if someone external sends an email to everyone in our group.  ideally need the GPG thing to sit at the server - failing that its "cut n paste" the private key!!!

most appreciated