Topic: Wordpress Login?

For you programmers out there, because this is way beyond anything that I could do. ;D

Would it be possible to develop a plugin (or other means) that uses FireGPG to log yourself into your blog?

Obviously you would still need your username and password.  I'm thinking that FireGPG would authenticate and fill in a text field with hash, key, or some other seed based on your PGP details.

Honestly though I'm not sure how this would work, or how you would manage a situation where your PGP key expires, but it's an idea / concept that I wanted to throw out there.

It would certainly heighten security on the blog, that's for sure! ;D

If this could be done with both Wordpress and some other popular blogging platforms then perhaps this would also increase the adoption of FireGPG.  If it's easy to use, then large popular blogs may adopt it to help protect their assets, as it were.

G'day. smile