Topic: Update : 0.5.2


    * Fixed problems with gmail (buttons disappear)
    * Fixed a problem with the Encrypt button on the old gmail's interface
    * Fixed a problem with PGP blocks' sign verifications (don't say it's a good sign form 'undefined')


    * Adding signs of the xpi and the source code on the download page
    * Detection of private key's block (but you still can't import them). Thanks to Ryan Patterson for his patch
    * Adding an ID to the FireGPG inline block HTML allows user CSS to style the blocks (see bug FS#97 on the bug tracker for details)


    * Fixed a problem with the Hungarian locale
    * Norwegian really implemented (I forgot to say to firegpg the translation was here)
    * symetric -> symmetric
    * Spanish corrections


    * Nothig.

Re: Update : 0.5.2

Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see the disable auto-save feature work. This is urgent for my use of FireGPG, but thank you very much for your hard work on this project!