Topic: Update : 0.7.1

Change log


    * Mails are sent in plain text if plain text is used
    * Fix a problem with firegpg message after sending a mail
    * Fix a problem when opening link in new windows without sending a mail
    * Fix a problem with mail without headers (first part of the mail was removed)
    * Fix a problem when sending mail with attachment (FireGPG made false signs)
    * Decrypt doesn't remove plain text content anymore
    * Encrypted mails sent by FireGPG didn't follow RFC and Enigmail wasn't able to decrypt them
    * Fix problems with multiple Gmail windows opened on different accounts (thank to Brian Kennelly for his patches)
    * Pre-selection of keys in keylist works again
    * The bottom send button works again
    * "Do not display 'Signature not found (...)'" option works again
    * Remove pgp block detection in pre tags
    * Good from value is used when the reply button is used with multiple accounts
    * Fix problems with GnuPG 2


    * {$SPACE} in command line let's you add spaces in arguments
    * Add information about part who was decrypted (images with FireGPG's logo on mouseover)
    * Option to reply with the decrypted mail
    * Improve images for "sign|encrypt|inline" switches (more distinct)
    * FireGPG is able to test and decrypt base64 encoded mails
    * Option to use the old decryption behaviour
    * Option to disable detection of reply part to sign and encrypt


    * New locates: da


    * New FireGPG's comment (using {$SPACE} feature, hihihi)