Topic: Update: 0.7.3

Change log


    * Gmail working again
    * FireGPG doesn't eat space anymore in some cases
    * Refreshing keylist when importing a key
    * Mails send by claws mail, kmail, Mutt works now with FireGPG
    * Fixed problem with scrolling when FireGPG verify mails
    * FXFolder is case insensitive now
    * Reverted changes to pre tag management for TiddlyWiki, new system for TiddlyWiki


    * Support of encrypted attachments (openpgp/mime attachments or attachments with .asc and .pgp extention)
    * Support of email with openpgp/mime data in a mime subpart of the mail
    * You can import private key, but ONLY with the keymanager, by importing a file
    * Option to apply openpgp/mime signature/encryption only on the mail's body (no attachments)
    * Autowrap on Roundcube, Zimbra, yahoo, Horde, Squirelmail
    * New alert system for updates, less annoying
    * Small option window dues to problem with small resolutions
    * Fixed about windows (who was still at version 0.1, hihihi)
    * Fixed a problem with form value, thanks to Mateusz Baszczyk for his help


    * Nothing but don't forget to translate wink


    * New mime decoder
    * New FireGPG structure