Topic: windows firepgp guide.

hi guys. i made this guide. its still a work in progress so i fiugre posting it here will probably get me the best responses.

any comments are appreciated and will go towards improving the guide.

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He is very good, but need maybe a bit more of "presentation", it strange to see small number lost next pictures smile.

Btw, can you put the guide on the doc ?


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updated to make a html site. much smaller PNGs too.
the doc give me a server not found.

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Re: windows firepgp guide.

Small mistake, sorry

Re: windows firepgp guide.

Hey glu, wow this is an old thread!

Here is a link to my guide to, in case anyone would like that: How to install and use FireGPG etc. on Windows

As for your doc server glu, I get "Not Found // The requested URL /doc/doku.php was not found on this server."

Has it since moved?

Re: windows firepgp guide.

Look at the date wink

We dosen't have a documention yet .