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I think it would be more comfortable to have OpenPGP directly implemented into the extension.
For example by adding the necessary files from the GnuPG project (gpg.exe, etc.) directly to the extension, if you would change the license of FireGPG to GPL. So that it is not necessary anymore to download and install any additional programs like GnuPG (especially useful in environments, where it isn't possible to install additional software).

Maybe you could offer a lite version (not included) and a full version (included) of FireGPG then.

Re: OpenPGP embedding

And btw: Here is a similar Firefox extension which also doesn't require the installation of external apps:

And here is also an interesting online solution, which works quite independent via javascript (sadly there is only no way to generate the keys atm).

Maybe it helps you, if you like the idea to make FireGPG more independent from external programs.

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Re: OpenPGP embedding

No. Binaries are evil, and there is too many platforms, we are going to be dependent of an external program (what we do if gnupg has security issue and need to be updated ?), firegpg will become bigger, etc.

Too many problems...