Topic: Can FirePGP be made to support groups?

Background --
   In GnuPG, there is the --group commands
   which allow you to manage groups of keys,
   assign a name to the group, deleting a group,
   encrypt to a group. 
   Also, one can define lists in the GPG.CONF
      file... but FireGPG ignores the gpg.conf file.

   Now that I think about it, FireGPG may be
   using groups internally to encrypt to multiple
   keys -- 
   1) Take all of the checked keys,
   2) create a FireGPGtemp group,
   3) encrypt to the FireGPGtemp group,
   4) delete the FireGPGtemp group.

Request --
   What I'm requesting is USER creation /
   management of groups within FireGPG.
   I would suggest to continue to ignore
   gpg.conf, unless it makes more sense
   to read for established groups, and
   update gpg.conf with the updated group

Usage Example --
   For example, I communicate on an
   encryption list with 40 members and
   40 different pubkeys.  It would be
   VERY helpful to create a keygroup
   for PGPLIST within FireGPG, to be
   able to --
   -- manage the keys contained in
   the group, and
   -- encrypt to that group (which
   would be chosen by the email
   address of the list).

Thank you for allowing me to suggest
a new feature for FireGPG.