Topic: Update : 0.7.6


    * Disabling autosave working again
    * Don't ask twice to download a key if there is a problem
    * Wrapping long string in key's generation
    * Forbid selection of more than one private key.
    * Sending html mails with plain text too
    * Error fixed in Gmail
    * Wrapping long lines of decrypted messages in gmail
    * Fixing problem with paths with spaces. Thanks to Chris Acheson for his patch
    * Improved wrapping. Thanks to Chris Acheson for his patch
    * Fix problem with PGP block frames with a size of 0
    * Better support of Zimbra
    * Improved signs wrapping


    * Automatic decryption of inline mail with more than one PGP block.
    * FireGPG should works with gpg-agent and gpg (not gpg2 !). You have to enable the option and have GPG_AGENT_INFO set.
    * Option to set digest used to sign
    * Option to disable autodownload of keys
    * Option to set a proxy for GnuPG
    * FireGPG doesn't requires anymore a sever with AUTH
    * Direction of PGP block can be switched


    * Greek added
    * Vietnamese added
    * Untranslated locales removed (po sv bn nb nb-no sk)


    * Nothing