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Because of the fact, that GnuPG supports the feature to generate md5 and SHA checksums of any file, I think it would be useful to integrate that feature into FireGPG.
To check and compare the checksums of downloaded files for example, there could be a new entry in the context menu of any file entry in the download manager, which pops-up a new dialogue window, where you can choose the checksum and a field, where you can paste in the checksum from a website to compare.

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http://bugs.getfiregpg.org please.

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How likely is it that it will be implemented?

I would like to have this feature too, to be able to verify the integrity of my downloaded files or files in general.

Btw: I saw this on the feature page of GnuPG: Supports ElGamal, DSA, RSA, AES, 3DES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST5, MD5, SHA-1, RIPE-MD-160 and TIGER.
But I wasn't able to figure out, how to use GnuPG to calculate the md5 sum for a single file.

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gnupg can not be used in the way you want.  You need to use another program such as md5sums or md5deep or md5 (in linux) to calculate a some of some random file.

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--print-md algo

              Print message digest of algorithm ALGO for all given files or stdin.  With the second form (or a deprecated "*"
              as algo) digests for all available algorithms are printed.

gpg --print-md md5 backup.log
backup.log: F1 44 07 42 CC 8F 57 7D  AC BB 13 9A 4C 4D DE 7F

md5sum backup.log
f1440742cc8f577dacbb139a4c4dde7f  backup.log

I think it's possible kevdog wink

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Ok I stand corrected.  Sorry about the FUD

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http://blog.getfiregpg.org/2009/07/11/w … ded-files/ :]

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This looks great, people need to be able to find out downloaded files checksums without resorting to command line tools!

I emailed the developers through the website too but thought I'd post here. I work on metalink which includes checksums & signatures in an XML file about downloads (also mirrors & other info).

DownThemAll is another extension that already supports metalinks, & could do the downloading. Could DTA make use of FireGPG if it is installed?

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I just reply to you by email wink

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Great and useful feature!
Really, thank you for implementing this!

But I am missing a way to paste in a checksum to let it be compared and verified with the calculated one.

Maybe you could also add the possibility for verifying a file by choosing a .md5 file from your local drive (.md5 files often includes several lines with the checksums on the left and the file names on the right, if there are more than one file offered).

Also, if a checksum fits, it should show a green info text, if not a red info text

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