Topic: New SVN site isnt working

I see the stealth move in switching the svn site.  Just to let you know that its not really working right now.  It keeps checking out the 566 revision -- which states OUTDATED repository.

How do I recheck out the sources??

Re: New SVN site isnt working

I did figure this out -- but it was tricky.

You need to check out the new sources, and then within the directory containing the .svn directory (usually ../../firegpg) run the command

svn switch --relocate svn://

then do a
svn up

That should do it.  Better instructions may have helped.

Re: New SVN site isnt working

Yep, moving a svn repository is hard (I had a lot of problems with my revisions), and I don't relay know of make it working for the first time.

In any case, you can checkout the new repository and rm the old, I warn developers I know working on the svn with their changes wink