Topic: Update: 0.7.9

Change log


    * Gmail working again
    * Fixing dates on signatures lists
    * Typo in mime decoder
    * Fixing problem with persistent security label of pgp block


    * Improved error messages
    * Gmail's improvements
    * Max version set to 3.6
    * Asking twice symmetrical passwords
    * Button to show fingerprints
    * New item in menu to check again a page for pgp block


    * Basque, Finnish, Galician added


    * FireGPG has been namespaced as it's better for addon compatibility and AMO editors wanted to.

Re: Update: 0.7.9

When will the extension be available for download on main webpage.
It is still at 0.7.8 in download link.

Ubuntu firefox 3

Re: Update: 0.7.9

Forget about it, went in old versions and there it was.

Thank you for the work you have put into this project, it sure was needed!