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I'm coding around PHP and playing with the following idea :
- Imagine a (mutualized) HTTP server where every file is encrypted with GPG (nobody, even the admin, could see what your are hosting)
- Imagine you can decrypt index.html on the fly using FireGPG API
- Imagine you can then click on links in this decrypted index.html to download "me_signing_in_my_bathroom.mp3.gpg"*
- Then, with the current firegpg version, you can Right click in the "download window" to let Firegpg decrypt the file

Would it be hard to code the following feature :
Right click on a link and have a "Decrypt and save as" firegpg option that will automatically :
=> download to a temporary location
=> decrypt the file to the specified location and delete the temporary file

or better (but probably impossible or too difficult) : download and decrypt on the fly to the specified location because I may not have enough disk space to store the encrypted file (in temp dir) + the decrypted file (wherever I want it to be).

I mean, something like "wget -O - | gpg --decrypt - -o whereever/i/want/file.txt"

Anyway, many thanks for your great work smile


* Of course, for anonimity reasons, the filename is not in cleartext like "i_own_warez_stuff.avi.gpg", or "handbook_for_tibet_spies.doc.gpg" : it's a one way hash function with no meaning.... except if you have the decrypted index.html smile

Re: Right clic "Decrypt and save as"


Yep, could be possible smile