Topic: [SOLVED] Gmail discarded message

Hi, firts of all, many thanks for this great plug-in!!!

I'm using Firefox 3.5.9, FireGpg 0.7.10 on Mint (Ubunu 9.04).
I have a problem when sending a mail, it arrives to me at well and the attachments too (if any), but Gmail instead of say "the message has been sent", says "Your message has been discarded". I get this message if I sing or sing+encrypt in both plain and rich text.
Although Gmail discard my email (i don't know why????), I can verify the signature and decrypt the email at well. FireGPG works fine.   
If I use inline singing o inline encrypting it works fine, as usually (says sent and not discarded).
I don't know if it's a FireGPG's bug or a problem with Gmail...

Please I need help! I really want to sing my emails, but I don't like my message to be discarded hehehe.

Thx so much!

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Re: [SOLVED] Gmail discarded message


As firegpg send the mail himself and discard it, it's normal. The part to hide the 'message discard' dosen't work anymore...


Re: [SOLVED] Gmail discarded message

Ok, Thanks!

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