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I've suggested this in another topic after someone suggested another unrelated feature, so I think I ended up not being heard, so I now create this new topic hoping to be listened. I hope it's ok to do this, if I shouldn't have created this topic, then I'm sorry sad.

I feel there's a feature that the gmail interface really lacks. The edit window that's opened after decrypting a message should have a reply button. That button would copy the whole thing to the gmail's reply field and add the ">" for quotation and "On date, someone wrote:" just like gmail does when whe press reply. That would be really great. If there were a "decrypt and reply" link beside the "reply" and "reply all" links, it would be the best thing ever!

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We heard you, but it's very difficult (but possible), and that not our priority for the moment, we want to support OpenPGP/Mine.

And I don't think it's a good idea to have a dcrypted text into a textbox who is send to gmail to make draf, and sended trought the web widout being recrypted.

Your request is into our bug tracker, so wait... We're humain you see ? FireGPG isn't our life wink.

Re: Gmail reply button on decrypt window

how about having the reply button in the pop up editor window only? that would encourage replies to be drafted in the editor instead of in the gmail composition or reply windows. the reply complete with quote > signs and perhaps a "joeblow wrote:" prefix could then be signed and encrypted in the editor without ever affording gmail an opportunity to save a cleartext draft.

gpgshell for windows has a similar feature that allows quoting and prefixing with one mouse click. it also has a button to force wordwrapping before you click the quote button. i would like to see similar features in firegpg. i have only been using it for a few weeks and am very impressed. it has improved greatly in that time. the addition of sign+encrypt was a real step forward.

thank you for all the hard work on an excellent plugin!


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I'd like to chime in and say that's a piece of functionality I'd love to see.... replying to a PGP encrypted email where the decrypted text is quoted as is standard. At the very least, being able to easily add the > symbol along the leftmost column of the email text would be great - could always copy and paste back into gmail.

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Btw we have to reform the way to send mail - to be openpgp/mime compatible so...