Topic: decrypting PGP/MIME

Hi, one unfun part of working with people that use Enigmail when I'm using FireGPG is that they encrypt the message text and attachments together with MIME boundaries.  So, in order to decrypt and view what they sent, I have to save the original message, decrypt the message, separate the MIME pieces out and then do a "base64 -d --ignore-garbage < temp.txt > file.jpg" for each attachment.

So, it would be great if FireGPG could handle some of this.  Say, save, decrypt, separate out MIME pieces and then do base64 decoding.

Of course, I understand this won't be a priority... just would be nice.  BTW, this is definitely my favorit firefox extension and you guys are badasses for writing it.

best, Joe

Re: decrypting PGP/MIME

Year, it's planned... but it's not realy easy to do...

Wait wink