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Hi devs,

the plug in is cool and specially the gmail integration is nice.
But encrypt messages without encrypting attachments makes a false security felling.

It it possible to get the attachment in gmail and encrypt it? It depends how you "control" gmail. I have take a look at the source code but not so familiar   with java script. But as I know you can catch any button action in the site, so also the add attachment button.
Only a idea ....

would be nice if you implement this. Web mailer are more common today but in most cases totally without security.

There is also an error if you reply on a encrypted message, you will encrypt it twice...

nice work folks


Re: Encryption of attachments

Hi user,

For the moment, we (try) to work on gmail's correct support of OpenGPG/Mime. Attachements are possible but it's wouldn't we our first priority...

Added to the TodoList


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Hi there,

i've just registered to emphasize that this feature is almost crucial.

I'm using GMail in a professional / industrial context and have to send a lot of documents and stuff through this.

Crypting all files with GnuPG for Windows is a pain in the a....!

Would be really lovely if i could crypt my documents together with the body of the email.

Thx for great work anyways!


Re: Encryption of attachments


With the next relase !

(there are only a little bug if the previous mail has attachements)

Re: Encryption of attachments

yeah you rock! :-)

Re: Encryption of attachments

How about encrypted and signed attachments??  By verifying the signature of the attachment I can verify it was not altered during transit to the recipient

Re: Encryption of attachments

Added to the todo list.

Re: Encryption of attachments

I second the motion for signed attachments, like the encrypted attachment button... good stuff. thanks!