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I'd like to thank you all for FireGPG, it's extremely useful.

I am slowly moving to Gmail for my day-to-day uses, and it lacks two important features for me : GPG support and a way to add a dynamically generated signature at the end of mails. FireGPG provides a solution for the first feature, and I wrote a simple extension based on FireGPG's code to fix my second problem.

If anyone's interested, you'll find it here:
It basically adds a "sign" button to add the output of a program to the mail. Usually, this program is the well-know "fortune" UNIX program, which extracts citations from databases.

Without FireGPG's hard work in reverse-engineering Gmail and calling external binaries, this would have taken me months. Thanks a lot guys.

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Yes, and it's dosen't work with the new gmail's interface smile.

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OK, I've fixed it for the new Gmail interface.
It's pretty tricky, and very little is left of the FireGPG code. I've used Gmail's Greasemonkey API: … onkey10API
and the greasemonkey compiler:

Then I've manually tweaked a few things, etc...

You can see the result here:

I don't know if it will be useful to adapt FireGPG to the new Gmail code, but it's better than nothing I guess... smile

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Why do you need a dynamically generated signature?? If the recipient doesnt have your gpg public signature key installed prior to receiving the mail, how can they verify the integrity of the signature?

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Hi dosen't speak about a gpg signature, but a signature appended at the end of all outgoing messages

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Thanks abompard. It's a great tip, I used it already, and my plan is running smooth now
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