Topic: PGP key with multiple signature subkeys --

I have the following key/subkey for my personnal key:

pub   4096R/7EBCE6DE 2007-11-14
uid                  (Kevdog) <>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 3122]
sub   4096g/698F7669 2007-11-14
sub   4096R/1B8810C5 2008-01-21

The first key is the principle or private signing key. (uses RSA algorithm)
The second key (subkey) is the encryption key. (uses ElGamal algorithm)
The third key (subkey) is a second signing key (uses RSA algorithm)

Using firegpg, when Im sigining a letter, the choices that are presented in the popup box for the signature key is the key designated by 7EBCE6DE.  When the message is signed, the signature subkey is used 1B8810C5, rather than the primary key 7EBCE6DE.

Is this how this is supposed to work??  Is it supposed to give you a choice -- Im not certain.

I guess theoretically you could have also multiple encryption subkeys.  In this case the program would also need to select one the encryption subkeys.

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Re: PGP key with multiple signature subkeys --

For the movement, FireGPG dosen't support subkeys, so gpg choose himself the right key (1B8810C5) when we pass 7EBCE6DE.

I don't no if it's possible to have more that one signing/encrypting key in one key.. As I see, kgpg work every time with the main key...