Topic: Update : 0.4.8

This new version fixes some (big wink) bugs and brings some small improvements.


   * Fixed a problem with signature verification saying signature is valid (with a blank key) when it's not.

   * Fixed a big problem with timestamp : now displays the timestamp of the signature, and not the current date and time...

   * Fixed a big problem with array's protype (ConQuery works now, Firebug doesn't show strange information, SwitchProxy works too,...) (it seems the bug has appeared with a Firefox update)

   * Fixed a problem with "sign and crypt" on Windows (thanks to kevdog)

   * "Decrypt this mail" works again now


   * Added timestamp info for signature inside an encrypted text.

   * Added an option to enable GPG-agent

   * Support for all Gmail versions smile (including Google Apps for your domain). Thanks to Mr. Rousseau for his support.

   * First version of FireGPG API ! A permitted website can use FireGPG features. For the moment, we plan to use this with Roundcube webmail, but if you're interested in the API for your website, checkout FireGPG from our subversion repository and have a look at the api_client folder.


   * English corrections by Sebastien Wains

   * New locale : Hebrew by Echetz

   * New locale : Serbian by Fedor Lucic


   * Nothing