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Im trying to run portable firefox, along with the installed firegpg extension all from a USB stick.

#1 - GPG executable -- I need to add this onto by USB stick so firegpg can call this program.  Couple of issues with this.  I dont know what the driver letter of the USB stick will be --  when specifying the path to the gpg executable, can I put something in the path like %~d0.
Im not sure this will work.

In order to use gpg from a usb stick I think I need to do the following (if Im going to use gpg2go which supplies gpg.exe as the executable -- gpg.exe for windows expects an enviroment variable GNUPGHOME to be set prior to use).
1. Discover the driver letter of the USB Stick
2. SET the GNUPGHOME environment path
3. Pass the arguments of the letter composed to the gpg executable and return the encrypted/signed output.

So basically when calling gpg from within firefox how would this work???  Can firegpg discover what drive letter it is running from on windows??

Here is kind of what I have come up with so far

@echo off

gpg.exe %1

I would call GPG_SAMPLE.bat with the contents of the letter???

Can anyone understand what I want to do??
Can you help me?

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Maybe Ill just ask my question more distinctly -- Does anyone know how to use portable firefox with gpg2go from a usb drive?

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Anyone?? Please??

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Sorry but I don't no...

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I can't comment on what your suggesting but have you tried using a relative path instead of an absolute path for your secring and pubring files? I tried it myself just to make sure it worked and it did, however that was after and hour of playing around with enigmail.

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Can you provide some more details with specifics?  Im trying to avoid enigmail if possible since I don't want to use Tbird but just a web mail interface