Topic: Forward Signed mail -> Recursion

Some recursion occured as i forward a signed mail an sign it too.

Also the attachments and the body of the mail were missing at the reciver, he got only the signature. But FireGPG says it send 780 kb and gmailhas the full mail in "show orginal".


I also mention that the Firegpg Controls are not always injected to the interface. Mostly i must shift reload or open the mail dialog in a new window. But this does not work for reply.

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Re: Forward Signed mail -> Recursion

For the FireGPG controls, I fixed the problem already.

Can you send me the problematic mail ?

Re: Forward Signed mail -> Recursion

Here the source of booth mails.

Today the recursion could not reproduced by viewing the mail.

Re: Forward Signed mail -> Recursion

I got the recursion problem too, but I can't reproduce..