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I've only been using FireGPG for a short while, and this morning was upgraded to version 0.5. I noticed on the upgrade confirmation page, which is shown after Firefox restarts, that you collect usage statistics.

I was wondering exactly what usage statistics are collected, and more importantly, if they are linked in anyway to who I am?


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Of course it's totaty anonymous (we don't store ip, time, date, firefox version or anything else)...

We collected stats about install (witch version and witch version did you had before), and about our xpcom (if the xpcom work, on witch plateform, what was the previous stat of the xpcom).

I made you two screenshoot of what we have (it's in french) :

If you want to be sure, check our code wink


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I've read the code. I strongly recommend that you remove this functionality. Any application that deals with GPG should not be sending "anonymous pings" anywhere.

This is all the more important when your extension includes binary (non-script) components, because users cannot easily read the source unless they build it themselves.

Please don't take this as a criticism of FireGPG. I enjoy the program and find it useful. I am simply voicing concerns about one of the project's decisions, and I would like your reputation to stay as clean as possible.

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We can't. First beacause it's useful to have stats (FireGPG take us a lot of freetime. To see how he is used is important I think), and then for the XpCom we need stats, as it's a little unstable for the moment. XpCom stats will be removed in the futur, but not installs stats wink

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Has this been disabled in the latest version?

//PING DISABLED var misc = getContent("" + FIREGPG_VERSION + "&newstate=" + newstate + "&oldstate=" + oldstate + "&plateforme=" + escape(currentos));

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Yes, as the xpcom has been disabled we disabled his stats wink