Topic: Update : 0.6.3

Change log


    * Fix options' window's size
    * Fix problem with some characters when signing a text (like Japanese, ...)
    * Fix problem with special chars in passwords
    * Fix output of sign's verifications
    * Fix gmail's problems


    * Basic keymanager
    * Features to search/fetch/send/retrieve key form keyservers
    * Autofeetch key from keyservers when one is missing to verify a sign.
    * Hide revoked key in keys' lists


    * Some typo
    * Workaround for 'no' locate


    * Nothing

Re: Update : 0.6.3

I was getting this when firefox tried to handle the update:

Firefox could not install the file at

because: Invalid file hash (possible download corruption)

I instead updated it from the site fine.  Might be something on my end but I thought I'd mention it.

Re: Update : 0.6.3

I'm getting again the "no gpg" and IPC problem, due to FireFTP..
No fixes planned? sad

Re: Update : 0.6.3

We can't do more than what is currently in place. FireFTP author is in vacations so... wait wink