Topic: New version: 0.7.7

Change log


    * Disable autosave working again
    * Cancel api requests if blank password is given
    * Problem with special chars and API fixed
    * When a keyserver is used, Firefox interface is not anymore blocked
    * Fix problem with mails detection in gmail
    * Distinguishing signed from signed+encrypted messages
    * GpgAgent works with GnuPG2 (you have to set the environment variable !)
    * Fixed some warning in console
    * Keylists with gpg2 doesn't have anymore the first UID duplicated
    * Passing 'user-cancel' when a user cancel an API call
    * FireGPG doesn't generate a new API key if one is already available
    * Fix problem with inline height
    * Prevent false inline blocks by adding a dynamic number showed in status bar


    * New icons theme
    * New API registration system
    * Improving API's security
    * Ask user to use gpg-agent for API
    * Verify multi-signed signatures
    * Feature to turn on-off inline for a website or a page
    * Assistant implemented
    * Hashes (checksums) implemented for files
    * FireGPG is now implemented in the download manager
    * New gpgAuth released
    * 'Remember password' is now implicit (use latest choice and not options)


    * Nothing


    * Part of the code's documentation updated
    * Some cleaning up (including license)
    * Unused api removed
    * Achraf Cherti is not anymore in the FireGPG's team.