Topic: FireGPG context menu entry annoys!

The FireGP context menu entry of downloaded files annoys me a little bit, because it has sub-entries like "Hashes", "Verify" and so on.
And if this sub-entries pop-up by sliding with the mouse over it, it stops the context menu entry below from being executed, if you click it directly. You have to wait until the sub-entries disappear again.
The only way to avoid it is to come with your mouse from another direction to that entry.

It would be better, if the sub-entries would only pop-up, if you are moving with your mouse a little bit longer over the FireGPG entry and not such directly (like in the tools menu of Firefox)

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Woo, strange.

Please use in the futur, thanks.

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OK, should I write it to the bug tracker too now or isn't it necessary anymore?

Btw: To be able to show you better what I mean:

In my opinion it would be better only to have the FireGPG context menu entry there and no sub-entries. The other options could be implemented into the dialogue window.

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No I did it ( … ;sort=desc )