Topic: Cannot access IPC library

Attempting to set the options for FireGPG (Tools -> FireGPG -> Options) yields a popup saying it cannot access the IPC library.

FF 3.6, Mac 10.5.8, PPC.

Re: Cannot access IPC library

You wouldn't happen to be running FireFTP as well would you?

If you are then please check this bug report over on the FireFTP side and see if the xpi at the very end works for you too.  The author of FireFTP just recently fixed the issue on his end.

Re: Cannot access IPC library

Nope, not using that.

Re: Cannot access IPC library

Disable all other extensions and see if the issue goes away.  If it does then enable them one by one and see when the issue starts to occur again.  We need to find out which plugin is conflicting with FireGPG.  Once that is found report it to the author of the offending plugin so he can fix it.  Refer him to the FireFTP bug report above since it indicates how to resolve the conflict.

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Re: Cannot access IPC library

With a blank profile, with only one plugin -- FireGPG -- I still have the same issue.

As I mentioned in the other thread, nothing works -- menu, etc.

Help, please? Anyone?