Topic: Update: 0.7.10

Change log


    * Gmail working again
    * Putting back FireGPG result on the right (gmail)
    * Fix regression with signed and encrypted mails
    * Fix problem with PGP blocks inside PGP blocks
    * Fixing a problem in default options


    * New options: Download missing keys without asking, Hide the wait windows, Hide keys servers operations' confirmations, Hide keys operations' confirmations, Hide menu in downloads
    * Added a warning when a signature is not made from a trusted key
    * Applied patch of AtesComp to improve OWA support.
    * If you click on the wait box for keyservers, she is closed.
    * Moving down by one position the FireGPG menu in downloads
    * Adding detection of gpg for x64 windows


    * Fixing problem with el and he locales


    * Renamed namespaces.
    * Default keyserver set to